Artiklar om konspirationsteorier

På Zerohedge finns två intressanta men långa artiklar om konspirationsteorier och -teoretiker och hur det hanteras av MSM och etablissemanget av Iain Davis.

Some Call It Conspiracy Theory – Part 1

Some Call It Conspiracy Theory, Part 2

Del 2 avslutas med: (citat)

"Anyone who uses the “conspiracy theory” label does so, not because they value the evidence, the facts or the dialectic, but because they will not countenance any challenge to their worldview or any dissent from their claimed authority.

The “conspiracy theory” charge is an authoritarian propaganda construct, intentionally created to censor legitimate, fact-based opinion.

It is time we stand up to the “epistemic authorities” and reject their elitist, authoritarian pretence of intellectual superiority.

It is time to insist that all evidence is discussed, that all the facts are established and reported to the public.

It is time to reject the state propagandist’s “conspiracy theory” canard."