Dagens tips lördag 2023-12-05 (Extra3)

Testimony in UK Parliament: Show us the data!

"The expert testimony at the invitation of MP Andrew Bridgen in the UK parliament yesterday was important.

The room was overflowing with people. Many members of Parliament and Lords showed up to listen. The testimony given by myself as well as other scientists and physicians was science based, truthful and accurate.

Members of Congress in the USA and in Parliaments all over the worlds are hearing one main topic from their constituents.

  • What about the cover-up about the origins of the virus?
  • What about the dangers of the vaccine?
  • What about the cover-up of the effectiveness of early treatments?
  • What about the censorship?
  • When is the government going to come clean?

At this testimony, we had 12 members of Parliament and 4 members from the House or Lords in attendance. They listened. They were receptive. Some congratulated the Honorable Mr. Bridgen afterwards. As many of you know, this is a huge change from the empty chamber that Mr. Bridgen has been confronted with in the past."

Byråkrater och media försökte naturligtvis hålla tillbaka information om detta, precis som skedde när Elsa Widding hade motsvarande föredragningar i den svenska riksdagen. 

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