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Hidden Behind Climate Policies, Data From Nonexistent Temperature Stations

"Hundreds of ‘ghost’ climate stations are no longer operational; instead they are assigned temperatures from surrounding stations.

The problem, say experts, is that an increasing number of USHCN’s stations don’t exist anymore.

“They are physically gone—but still report data—like magic,” said Lt. Col. John Shewchuk, a certified consulting meteorologist.

“NOAA fabricates temperature data for more than 30 percent of the 1,218 USHCN reporting stations that no longer exist.”"

Efter en noggrann genomgång av fakta konstaterar John Shewchuk att:

... the warming the earth has experienced since the 1800s is much less than has been reported, but even if it weren’t, warmer temperatures are natural—not manmade—and not a cause for concern.

“We are still thawing out from the Little Ice Age because the Bray and Eddy solar cycles are still in their warming phases,” he said. “[Carbon dioxide] is a greenhouse gas, but its contribution to today’s warming is trivial. Whenever someone asks me how much ’man-made‘ CO2 is increasing Earth’s temperature, I respond, ’Does the growth of a new eyelash increase your weight?’

“There is no climate emergency. In fact, all measures of severe weather are decreasing—even tornadoes and hurricanes. Furthermore, global warming (at least the little that there is) and increasing CO2 are good for life on Earth. History clearly shows us that life thrives during warm periods (like the Medieval Warm Period) and suffers during cool periods (like the Little Ice Age).

He pointed out that even NOAA and NASA report that increased CO2 has “greened the planet” and increased plant growth, which has benefited food production.

“We should celebrate CO2—not demonize it.”"

En kommentator (dove P.L.T.) sammanfattar det väl:

"Lying about 30% of the temperatures, does not surprise me.
They’ll do all what they can to prove there is climate change.
The remaining stations are almost all in urban areas, near buildings, concrete, and asphalt.
If the ice is melting, then why are many of the rich Dems buying ocean front mansions?
Something sure is fishy here."

Så drivs klimatbluffen!

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