Dagens tips söndag 2024-02-11 (Extra2)

Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin

A victory for free speech & a fascinating conversation

John Leake

9 feb. 2024

"The first thing that jumped out at me as I listened to the Tucker Carlson-Vladimir Putin interview is that Putin is 100 times more intellectually capable than President Joe Biden. No wonder Biden won’t take his call.

It says a lot that the terrible people who run the United States wanted to prevent Carlson from conducting the interview, and then to hinder it from being made available to the American public.

Many, including Carlson himself, expressed frustration that the Russian President began with a history lesson, going back to the founding of the Kievan Rus state in 882. I suspect this was Putin’s sly way of expressing a salient point that has long struck me about we Americans—namely, while our government is ever keen to send weapons and armies all over the world to police mankind, we find it onerous to sit through a 30-minute history lesson about the people and places we wish to control."

Det kan vara nyttigt att se ett annat perspektiv än det som framförs i etablerade media (MSM). 

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