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As WHO Pandemic Treaty Nears Completion, Critics Raise Red Flags for US Freedoms

"The legally binding agreement is structured in such a way that it sidesteps U.S. Senate approval for the United States to join, which is required for treaties."

Artikeln handlar om USA och WHO:s pandemifördrag men situationen för Sverige är ju likartad. Några citat från artikeln:

"According to the WHO, the agreement, once signed by members, will be legally binding. ......."

Och Sverige följer ju alltid internationella överenskommelser till punkt och pricka......

"“The United States has a more difficult treaty ratification process than most other member states,” said Andrew Bremberg, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

“So there has been a recent history over the last several decades to develop new international treaties but not call them treaties, so as to avoid the ratification process.” ......"

Kanske USA kan rädda oss från totalitarismen som WHO försöker smyga på oss?

"Trying to pin down the terms that are being negotiated is “like trying to nail jello to the wall,” said Tony Perkins, chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. “It continues to change with every meeting, every approach, and so we’re doing our best to analyze what the WHO is putting forward.”

“The reason that nobody is being told what’s going on here is because it can’t withstand the light of day,” said Frank Gaffney, chairman of the Center for Security Policy.  ....."

Luddiga förslag in i det sista så att ingen hinner förstå vad som ska godkännas!

"“Corruption, favoritism, inappropriate use of funds, collusion with terrorists, and sexual misconduct have been documented at U.N. agencies,” she said.

“Such incidents show that, sadly, the U.N. appears to lack effective mechanisms for oversight and accountability, and this would apply to any efforts to increase its authority over pandemic prevention, surveillance, response, and recovery.” ......."

Det är alltså denna korrupta organisation som ska bestämma över våra liv!

"“The WHO is supposed to get 20 percent of all pandemic-related products,” Dr. Wubbenhost said. But regarding how those products would then be distributed by the WHO, “there’s a lack of accountability and there is no independent monitoring or audit body that is identified.” ....."

En 20%-tig skatt till WHO på allt som klassas som pandemirelaterat!

"......and I saw how Western governments used that to violate fundamental human rights, freedom of speech, the censoring of voices on social media platforms,” Mr. Perkins stated.

“Government officials intentionally took down credible scientific voices that challenged the global misdiagnosis and subsequent global protocols; families were separated, churches and other support groups were closed. ....."

Ännu ett sätt att beskära vår frihet som om införandet av digital ID och CBDC inte skulle räcka till (se föregående tips).

"In November 2023, Human Rights Watch stated that “the current draft [of the WHO agreement] fails to enshrine core human rights standards protected under international law ... therefore risking a repeat of the tragic failures during the COVID-19 pandemic.” ....."

Några protesterar dock!

"One core human right that may come into conflict with the WHO accord is the freedom of speech, in light of efforts by the WHO and other global institutions to fight “misinformation.”

One of the directives under the WHO’s net zero draft accord is that members will commit to “tackle false, misleading, misinformation or disinformation” and “conduct regular social listening and analysis to identify the prevalence and profiles of misinformation.” ....."

Det passar alltså väldigt bra in i både WEF:s och EU:s idévärld! 

"This is consistent with the World Economic Forum’s 2024 Global Risks Report, which calls misinformation the “most severe global risk.”

Echoing that viewpoint, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told attendees at the World Economic Forum’s Davos summit in January that “the top concern for the next two years is not conflict or climate, it is disinformation and misinformation.” ....."

EU höjer alltså tonläget för att trycka ner yttrandefriheten och den öppna debatten.

Följ dessutom Elsa Widdings kamp för att Sverige inte ska skriva under detta fördrag som kommer att kunna sätta Sverige under totalitär styre av WHO och i praktiken under FN och dess majoritet av diktaturstater.

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